Vehicle Conversions

RMA Automotive is a world-leading provider of modified light and heavy duty vehicles and fleet solutions. The company distinguishes itself in the design and development of vehicle conversions to meet specific needs. RMA partners with leading automotive brands such as Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, and many more, to customize fleets for challenging operations.

Each vehicle produced meets strict quality control and safety standards. RMA is accredited by Ford Motor Company as its only Qualified Vehicle Modifier in Africa and Asia Pacific, and is Land Rover’s only Approved Vehicle Modifier in the commercial sector worldwide.

RMA uses custom upgrades to improve the stability, performance and durability of vehicles. Modifications are fully tested to offer improved safety to drivers and site staff, reduced running costs and compliance with local legislation anywhere in the world.

RMA operates from seven global facilities (Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, UK, Germany and Australia), and has supplied over 40,000 light tactical, armored and modified vehicles for counter-insurgency and peacekeeping operations throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


RMA Automotive is the largest company to participate in Ford Motor Company’s “Qualified Vehicle Modifier” (QVM) program, having modified over 40,000 vehicles in the last four years alone. It was also appointed by Land Rover as their first global “Approved Vehicle Modifier” (AVM). RMA has met Ford and Land Rover’s most stringent quality guidelines and required performance standards. RMA customers have the advantage of the original OEM warranty and an additional RMA warranty on the modifications themselves. read more ›


From CAD drawings to final assembly to scheduling shipments, every modified vehicle produced is part of a meticulous process control regime developed by RMA Automotive. This process begins with a vehicle’s design and continues through manufacturing, delivery and training, and even field service after the sale. The process succeeds because the customer relationship succeeds. read more ›

Product Development

RMA Automotive has a reputation as a world-class producer of modified vehicles that stand up to the harshest conditions, anytime and anywhere. Highly skilled engineers at RMA Automotive Product Development Center employ the most advanced technology and design innovations to create the solution to the most demanding vehicle modification requirements. read more ›


RMA Automotives state-of-the-art development team punishes vehicles far beyond the normal limits of even the harshest global environments to ensure your fleet’s long-term viability. Designers and engineers torture-test each vehicle and its modifications thoroughly to ensure world-class fit, finish and durability, kilometer after kilometer. read more ›