RMA’s All-New Rantis transports its first head of state

RMA’s All-New Rantis recently transported its first head of state, Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to address a large public gathering in Jakarta.

Tasked with his protection, the Police’s Mobile Brigade Corps, BRIMOB, ferried the President in one of its new fleet of Rantis Armored Assault Vehicles. Its fully armored exterior, an air-conditioned and insulated interior, all-round cameras and seating for four provided the necessary protection detail.

Manufactured & assembled by RMA Automotive in Thailand, the Rantis is distributed exclusively to BRIMOB by Kreos Pte Ltd for the Indonesian Government’s Projects. The Rantis is equipped with gun racks and ports for self-defense and can withstand hostile fire & even grenade attacks. Its strengthened suspension, 4X4 drivetrain and run-flat tires allow it to be maneuvered with agility out of any volatile situation.

While the day’s events passed peacefully, it’s reassuring to know that RMA’s armor technology was at hand to protect the President.