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Be a Better New Driver

A Wrinkled Shirt or a Shorter Life: Take Your Pick! 5 Practical Driving Tips to Help You Be a Better New Driver

June 13, 2018
You’re behind the steering wheel, cruising into an exciting new world of driving. But in today’s crowded cities, it can be a dangerous world, too. Traffic is hectic, distractions are all around and…
fleet procurement

5 steps you must follow in fleet procurement

June 4, 2018
Now you are ready to purchase a fleet of vehicles, but with the need to cut costs, forecast fuel prices and labor rates, procuring and managing a fleet of vehicles can be intimidating, and it isn’t easy…

35 Years Worth of Essential Leadership Lessons

June 1, 2018
By Peter Lawson, Global Manufacturing & Quality Director, RMA Automotive   Looking back over my 35 years in leadership roles, some of the greatest lessons I’ve picked up did not come…
Opening a Business in Cambodia

Tips on Opening a Business in Cambodia

May 28, 2018
Tourism, automotive, electronics, power, franchising – the options are limitless, and if you want to be a part of one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, here are some tips on opening a business…

5 Key Traits Great Leaders Possess

May 24, 2018
By Burak Demirtas, Managing Director, Capital Automotive, RMA Group.   It’s no doubt that leaders hold a vital role in any company. Leaders can either take businesses to new heights or…
Travelling with Kids in the Car

Travelling with Kids in the Car? Here’s a Survival Guide

May 17, 2018
Every parent has been there: You’re on a family road trip out of the city or even just getting across town to a restaurant, and your child is not happy. They’re crying, and they don’t sit still.…
Text or Talk while Driving

Think You Can Text or Talk while Driving? Your Brain Probably Disagrees

April 28, 2018
April 28th, 2018 Shanghai – Most people think they can do two things at once but psychological research proves the brain is just not wired to multitask, especially when driving. When the brain is…
New Driver Checklist

Are you a new driver? Or know someone who is? Here’s a checklist you need to read

April 27, 2018
You’ve done your practice drives and passed your license exam. Now it’s time to drive in the real world, where the roads can get hectic, distractions are all around, and other drivers seem to…

The "CAN-DO" attitude, from no to yes

April 24, 2018
By Jean-Boris Roux, Vice President Food Services, EFG   The business world is getting increasingly complex, and more so as times are uncertain, economies volatile, markets disrupted and…