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Leasing with RMA Finance

RMA Finance provides customized leasing solutions that respond to vehicle and equipment needs. We focus on optimizing budgets of international organizations, government agencies and NGOs in order to allocate valuable resources to immediate project benefit. Leasing with RMA allows businesses to preserve their cash reserves, manage cash flow effectively and adapt to changing economic conditions, and upgrade assets frequently ensuring businesses have the latest equipment without having to make further capital outlays. The flexibility of the repayment period matches the useful life of the equipment, and RMA offers additional benefits such as servicing of equipment or variable monthly payments, depending on a business’s needs.

RMA Finance Insurance

Commercial vehicles and equipment represent a huge investment when operating a fleet. To protect these assets, RMA can package insurance over in partnership with the best worldwide insurers. RMA offers borderless coverage, broad political violence extension, fast and efficient claims payment (5-7 business days), and flexibility to suit unique requirements.

RMA Group’s operating companies have financed over 300 customers locally through tailored leasing solutions for vehicles, farm and construction equipment. We are proud to lead the aid & development market with customized leasing solutions.