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EFG – The Difference

Teamwork and Endurance EFG (Express Food Group) has been operating across Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for over twenty years. As

By Stuart Daniels, Group Vice President Human Resources   In 2019 I was fortunate to meet Max Simpson in Bangkok, through

If you want to stand out in a competitive or challenging market, you need to have a team that can

Technical Panels Special Vehicles (TPSV) are specialist cash-in-transit (CIT) manufacturers. Established over 30 years ago and has expanded their composite

Comin Khmere has been the leading contractor in rooftop solar in Cambodia for the past 5 years. Since our first

RMA Automotive (RMAA) is unique in that many parts contracts are multiple years long, with some agreements of up to

On April 30th, RMA (Cambodia) PLC ( RMAC ) launched a 5 year USD 20 million equivalent Khmer Riel maiden

The business world is changing rapidly. And the faces of many companies are changing along with it. Leadership positions are

Finance plays a crucial in the foundation and survival of any business, big or small. Having strategic control over the

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