Kevin Whitcraft
Kevin Whitcraft

Chief Executive Officer, RMA Group
Executive Director Clipper Board Holdings Limited

Christian Wiedmann

Senior Vice President RMA Group and Managing Director Automotive

Harjeet Drubra

Chief Financial Officer, RMA Group

Ngorn Saing
Ngorn Saing

CEO/Country Manager, Cambodia

Martin Darby
Martin Darby

Managing Director EFG Holdings, Vice President Express Food Group

Ivan Keogh
Ivan Keogh

CEO, Comin Asia

Peter Lawson
Peter Lawson

Vice President Global Manufacturing and Quality

Stuart Daniels

Vice President Human Resources

Chris Manley

CEO Global Fleet Sales

Arthur van der linden

Head of Mergers & Acquisition

Rob excom
Roberto Da Silva

Director Automotive Distribution

Burak Demirtas
Burak Demirtas

CEO RMAltinay

Brendan Londt

Country Manager, RMAA South Africa

Maximillian Talcott

Country Manager, Myanmar

Angus McIntyre
Angus McIntyre

General Manager, Minecorp

Trevor Negus

General Manager, RMA Automotive Holdings, Australia

Hisham Issa

General Manager, RMA Automotive Middle East & Africa