Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, EFG Holdings employs over 2,000 people and has an operational presence in 3 countries – Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. EFG is the partner of choice for leading food & beverage brands in Southeast Asia – like Minor Foods & Food Passion Group – and for North American brands – like Dairy Queen International, Krispy Kreme and Texas (Church’s) Chicken. EFG is majority owned by RMA Group Thailand, with minority holdings by Lombard Investments Thailand and local shareholder partners in Laos and Myanmar. The history of the business, and its mission today, is defined by a commitment to understand our customers needs and bring them an exciting, evolving portfolio of restaurant and kiosk brands with innovative Instagramable new food and beverage products. The business is run operationally from offices in Cambodia and local markets. In Cambodia & Myanmar, EFG is a joint venture partner of EMCAT, the regions leading airport food and beverage operator with operations in three airports. For details about EFG, please visit here. EFG is honoured to be a major franchisee of Minor Food for the following brands and territories: The Pizza Company (Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos); Swensen’s (Cambodia and Laos; The Coffee Club (Cambodia). Minor Food is one of Asia’s largest casual dining and quick service restaurant companies, operating over 2,300 outlets in 27 countries. For more information please visit Minor Food


Minor International Food Franchisees

EFG is honored to be a franchisee of Minor Food for the following brands and territories. The Pizza Company (Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos). Swensen’s (Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos). The Coffee Club (Cambodia). Minor Food is one of Asia’s largest casual dining and quick service restaurant companies, operating over 2,300 outlets in 27 countries. For more information please visit

The Pizza Company

Established in 2000 by Minor Food, The Pizza Company has solidified its position as the leader in its category, captivating the hearts of pizza enthusiasts worldwide. Our commitment to culinary innovation has set us apart, crafting pizzas with chunky, wholesome, and irresistibly rich toppings that surpass traditional Western-style offerings. For countless Asian consumers, The Pizza Company embodies the essence of pizza like no other. With an unwavering dedication to delivering an unforgettable dining experience, we have redefined what it means to enjoy this beloved culinary delight. EFG proudly serves as a significant franchisee of Minor Food, operating over 50 thriving The Pizza Company stores. This partnership fuels our unwavering commitment to excellence and ensures that our customers can savor the unmatched flavors of The Pizza Company in numerous locations.


In 1986, Swensen’s embarked on a remarkable journey, joining forces with Minor Food. Originating as a cherished ice cream parlor in San Francisco, it swiftly transformed into Asia’s premier destination for premium ice cream. Guided by Minor Food’s visionary direction, Swensen’s brand has transcended the boundaries of mere scoops, evolving into a captivating array of delectable sundaes. Today, Swensen’s offers a truly unparalleled experience that remains unrivaled by any other brand across Asia.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, EFG operates 9 Swensen’s restaurants, where we create an atmosphere of joy and indulgence for our valued patrons. Each Swensen’s location serves as a gateway to an extraordinary world of flavors, leaving a lasting impression on all who walk through our doors.

The Coffee Club

“Established as the largest homegrown café group in Australia, The Coffee Club has garnered a reputation for its exceptional culinary offerings, outstanding service, and unforgettable coffee. With a passion for delivering an extraordinary dining experience, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our valued guests.

EFG proudly operates The Coffee Club in the biggest mall chain in Cambodia including Aeon Mall 1, 2 and 3 also present in the two major airports through our partnership with Newrest.”


Dairy Queen

Existing for more than 70 years, today Dairy Queen is the best soft serve Ice Cream Parlor in the world with more than 7,000 locations in over 20 countries ! With unique fashionable products such as Oreo Blizzard served upside side, Delicious Hotdog and refreshing drinks, Dairy Queen offers sharable treats and smiles! And in order to be memorable, the tasting experience has to be perfect for you; that’s why we select only the highest quality ingredients to create the one of a kind taste made fresh for you, the way you like it. EFG operates more than 30 Dairy Queen’s in Cambodia and Laos. For more information please visit Dairy Queen


Bar-B-Q Plaza

Since its inception in 1987, Bar-B-Q Plaza has captivated Thai diners with its ingenuity and popularity. As a creation of Food Passion Group, this beloved restaurant brand has become synonymous with premium meat cuts, sizzling black pan grills, and the endearing Barbgon Mascot. It has cultivated a strong following among young Asians, business groups, and families alike.

Since 2007, EFG has proudly held the master franchise rights for Bar-B-Q Plaza in Cambodia. Today, we operate a growing portfolio of 6 restaurants strategically located in Phnom Penh , Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Each of our establishments offers an immersive dining experience that pays homage to the authentic flavors and vibrant ambiance that Bar-B-Q Plaza is renowned for.

For more information and to explore our tantalizing menu, please visit Food Passion.

Join us at Bar-B-Q Plaza as we continue to delight food enthusiasts with exceptional dining experiences, celebrating the vibrant spirit of Thailand in Cambodia’s thriving culinary landscape.

Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken is the international trading name for Church’s Chicken, an American chain of fast food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. EFG has opened a flagship restaurant at Thatluang, Vientiane, Laos. For more information please visit

Krispy Kreme 

Originating from the United States, Krispy Kreme has become synonymous with indulgent doughnuts and exceptional coffee. As a part of JAB Holding Company, a renowned private Luxembourg company, Krispy Kreme continues to redefine the doughnut experience worldwide.

EFG takes pride in operating 13 Krispy Kreme stores strategically located throughout Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our flagship factory coffeehouse stands as a beacon of doughnut perfection, while our convenient kiosks nestled within malls across the city cater to doughnut enthusiasts on the go.

At Krispy Kreme, we craft more than just doughnuts; we create moments of sheer delight. Sink your teeth into our melt-in-your-mouth creations, whether it’s our classic Original Glazed or an array of enticing flavors. Accompanied by our meticulously brewed coffee, each bite promises a burst of happiness.

For more information and to explore our delectable offerings, please visit our website at Krispy Kreme

Boost Juice

“Founded in 2000 by Janine Allis in Adelaide, Australia, Boost Juice emerged as a game-changer in the fast-food industry. Recognizing the need for a healthy alternative, Janine Allis revolutionized the market and paved the way for Boost to become one of the world’s largest smoothie and juice brands. At Boost Juice, we believe in the power of real fruit and vegetables. Our smoothies and juices are crafted using only the freshest ingredients, free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavorings. Every sip is a burst of goodness that nourishes your body and delights your taste buds.

Boost Juice is more than just a beverage provider. We are here to ignite your energy, share our passion, and inspire a ‘love life’ philosophy. Our mission is to ensure that every customer who visits a Boost Juice bar leaves feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. Since our launch in early 2023, Boost Juice managed by EFG in Cambodia has quickly established 8 stores in the country particularly in Sihanouk and Phnom Penh.

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Kamu Kamu

Kamu Kamu Tea, a Japanese-inspired brand, takes pride in its innovation and diverse product lineup. We at Kamu have gained widespread acclaim for our wide array of craft drinks and bubble tea selections. Our menu includes healthy fruit tea options and specialty drinks like Raptor and Dino Milo as well as the all-time favorite Bubble tea selection and Matcha.

Our commitment to innovation and using the freshest ingredients has propelled us to grow to over 150 outlets throughout Thailand and expand globally, establishing ourselves as the leading Chewable Tea Place.

At Kamu Tea, we strive to bring joy to our customers with every sip. Our focus on freshness, exceptional taste, and the happiness our drinks bring has made us a beloved brand among tea enthusiasts worldwide.

EFG proudly manages six Kamu Tea stores in Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham, Sihanoukville, and Banteay Meanchey.



With more than 300,00 users HungryApp™ is at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the food and beverage delivery landscape in Phnom Penh. Our mission is simple: to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers. With a pioneering delivery model, we offer a seamless experience that surpasses expectations.

With HungryApp™, the power to curate your perfect meal is in your hands. We’ve partnered with a diverse range of trusted international brands, allowing you to mix and match items from multiple establishments in a single order. From tantalizing cuisines to refreshing beverages, your cravings know no limits. We understand the importance of speed and freshness. HungryApp™ ensures that every order is delivered promptly to your office or home, with our commitment to free, 45-minute delivery. Savor your favorite dishes at their prime, without compromising on quality or convenience.

HungryApp™ is built on the principle of putting the customer first. We strive to create an exemplary and unique experience for Cambodia’s growing delivery market. Our dedication to delivering happiness sets us apart, as we continuously refine our services to meet and exceed your expectations.

For more information and to embark on a journey of culinary delight, visit our website at Join us as we redefine the art of food and beverage delivery, one satisfying order at a time.”

Eat Together LOGO

Eat Together

Eat Together is a homegrown brand developed by the Hungry Kitchen serving Chinese rice dishes and noodle soups. Available via the HungryApp and other delivery partners, Eat Together is famous for its delicious and freshly made Chicken Rice, Char Siu Rice, and signature sauces.  

Bay Phum

Bay Phum is the latest brand innovation by the Hungry Kitchen that serves local Khmer favorites such as Prahok Ktis, Kaw Sach Chrouk, Fried Mee Katang, Lort Cha, and Beef Lok Lak. More than the food it serves via takeaway and delivery in the HungryApp, Bay Phum aims to honor the rich culinary tradition of the Khmer cuisine. 

So Bento

So Bento brings you a culinary experience like no other. Our asian meal sets are meticulously crafted to satisfy your taste buds and fuel your productivity. Designed with you in mind, So Bento offers a perfect solution for those seeking a delicious and satisfying experience without breaking the bank as it provides Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Khmer meal sets for anyone’s liking. At Sobento, we believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional food. Our meal sets combine the best aisan cuisines, featuring a tantalizing variety of flavors, textures, and ingredients. From succulent lemon chicken to chinese fried rice, each So Bento meal is a harmonious symphony of taste at an affordable price point. So Bento a fully owned EFG brand are present in 4 locations So Bento Mao Tse Tung, Midtown Community Mall, Chip Mong Sensok and Sihanoukville Expressway, Total Gas Rest Area (Kampong Seila )


RMA Group acquired Palms Foods in 2012. The Palms business is one of the earliest established airport F&B operators in Singapore with a heritage dating back to 1986 with the opening of the first terminals at Singapore Changi Airport. Palms owns and manages the Food Gallery Food Court in Terminal One, plus operates franchised branded stores for Subway and Killiney located in all four terminals and The Jewel.

Telephone: +65 6487 4780


The Airport Food & Beverage Alliance EMCAT is a joint venture between EFG and Newrest. Through Emcat, EFG has been managing airport restaurants since 2010 and is currently operating 27 stores in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports in Cambodia, and 3 stores in Mandalay airport in Myanmar.

Franchised brands include Burger King, The Pizza Company, The Coffee Club, Dairy Queen, Yoshinoya, Dimsum Emperor, Metro, Segafredo, FCC, Blue Pumpkin and Bonchon. Four in-house concepts, Taste of Asia, Angkor Kopitiam, Fresh Market, Apron Café and Park Café complete the culinary offering.


RMA owns and operates the FCC Hotels and Restaurants, an iconic Cambodian based hospitality company that was established in 1993. After acquiring The Foreign Correspondent’s Club in 2013, RMA has continued to uphold and improve the superior service and hospitality of these fine hotels and restaurants located in beautiful historic buildings in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Foreign correspondents, archaeologists, royalty – they all gather here at the FCC Angkor, a peaceful sanctuary shaded by banyan trees right in the centre of the Old French Quarter of charming Siem Reap.

Formerly the residence of the French governor, the historic mansion has been renovated with modern comforts, but retains its cosy, intimate vibe. Set out and explore the legends of Angkor Wat each day, then return to Scribe, the city’s go-to for cocktails and conversations