2020 Swensen’s Excellence Award Competition

Phnom Penh, November 6th, 2020 – Swensen’s held its 6th annual Excellence Award Competition.   Teams comprised of staff from all of   Swensen’s seven outlets in Cambodia competed for the top prizes in various categories.

Tep   Virak,  General   Manager of   EFG   stated,  “The purpose of   Swensen’s  Excellence Award is to build a culture of excellence among our employees and to ensure that we provide the best experience to our customers and leave them with happy memories of good times with family and friends. The Swensen’s Excellence Award Competition strengthens the franchise’s standard of operations and service to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

We aim to create Instagram worthy moments with picture-perfect Ice Cream Sundaes and celebrating its passionate customers by offering magical moments . He also added œIt is an honored moment for Swensen’s Olympia Mall team to have earned this year’s title of Excellence Award Champion 2020. Swensen’s Kampuchea Krum team won the  Products   Excellence   Award,  and  Swensen’s   AEON  Mall team received the Services Excellence Award.

Each team has dedicated commitment,  great effort, and hard work to practice and train. The competition is an experience for staff members to build up a stronger team, and we look forward to the 2021 Excellence Competition.

The competition consists of roleplaying where EFG employees act as the customers and each store team will be judged based on the list of criteria provided in the form. There are 3 groups of œcustomers  for every store. This was a full day event. The competition was judged by a team of 20 EFG employees.

The categories were 1.Champion 2.Winner of Services 3.Winner of Products. The Champion received Certificate 400,000 Riel. The Sundae Making Winner received a certificate and 200,000 Riel, finally the Service Winner, received a certificate and 200,000 Riel.

The judging criteria is based on a form to fill out for each of the categories. The Swensen’s team is being judged on product execution (scooping  and making (the ice cream), beverage preparations, customer service / grooming and uniform, time frame for each execution, floor management.

Three stores won this competition which is held in Cambodia only. All Cambodian stores are invited to join and there are no entry requirements.1. The competition has some basic objectives, to ensure that all staff are able to operate stores following Swensen’s Standard and deliver maximum customer satisfaction2. To build culture of Excellence to Swensen’s member3. To encourage promotion and develop capability of Sundae Master.