ADC Good Health Awards

Laem Chabang, June 16th, 2020 – The RMA Automotive ADC team held a Good Health Program (GHP) award ceremony as part of ADC’s ongoing participation in the program over the last seven years. The aim of the program is to ensure that employees are healthy and fit and to prevent illness which in turn leads to increased productivity at work. Staff who joined GHP are grouped according to Body Mass Index range into teams connected via Line AppTo get started each team member will first need to complete the four missions of READ which are Relax, Exercise, Attitude and Diet. After completing READ they will take a photo of themselves and share it in the LINE Group. Then ongoing tracking of the team members begins and they will need to provide a weekly tally of ther performance indicators to the HR department in order to receive their updated scores every Friday. Additional points can be scored by joining special activities.

The awards were presented by Peter Lawson to individual members in appreciation of their efforts as well as to those teams that earned the most points in order of their ranking.