Dairy Queen Steng Mean Chey Store Grand Opening& Relocation of Dairy Queen Beng Keng Kang store

Phnom Penh, November 8th, 2020 – EFG Cambodia celebrated the grand opening of Dairy Queen’s 16th   store at Steng Mean Chey located next to The Pizza Company on Street 217. On the day of the launch that attracted a lot of customer interest, Dairy Queen gave away 1,000 ice creams. This was followed up by a œBuy One Get One Free  offer for the next three days.

This new store is another big achievement for Dairy Queen Cambodia. Our special thanks goes out   Tha Sokhavortey, Head of Dairy Queen, and Mao Chhaya, Dairy Queen Senior Marketing Executive.

Dairy Queen also celebrated a store relocation opening of the Beng Keng Kang store. Similarly there were opening day activities such as mascot dancing, 1,000 ice cream giveaways and œBuy One Get Free promotion .

The Dairy Queen team staged a special motorcycle procession by delivery staff through the surrounding streets to draw attention to the launch and attract customers.