EFG Conducted Q4 Workshop and Hall of Fame Award

November 12th, 2021 – EFG Holding & Palms Food international conducted a three day workshop for Q4 from November 10th – 12th. Team members received information and insights in an interactive session from the team lead himself, Martin Darby. A great deal of time was spent sharing and reviewing activities in 2021 and discussing the way forward for 2022 across the five markets EFG-Cambodia, EFG Laos, EFG Myanmar, EFG Thai-land, and Palms Food International in Singapore.

On the last day of the workshop, an œEFG Hall of Fame  was also organized to honor and recognize staff members along with a small in person reunion in each market shared via MS Teams.

The staff members recognized by the management for their outstanding contribution to EFG and Palms Food are:

EFG – Cambodia:

– Sopheak Ly, Finance Manager – Platinum Award

– Veasna Kith, HR Manager – Gold Award

– Angelique Tan, Supply chain and Procurement Manager

– Gold Award- Nicolas Martin, The GM of Hungry App

– Silver Award- Krispy Kreme Cambodia Team

– Gold Award from Managing Director for accelerated growth


EFG – Lao:

– Team Texas Chicken – Gold Award, to thank everyone at Texas Chicken Laos for growing the brand with Covid restrictions

– Joanne Argales – Silver Award- Soutchai Singxay (Nova)

– Silver Award- Suvan Southa – Silver Award


EFG – Myanmar:

– Salai Phun Hta Lain – Silver Award-

Maximillian Talcott – Sliver Award, for his contribution to take over EFGM operations and stepping up to the challenge.


Palms Food International – Singapore:

– Zak Hashim, General Manger PFI – Silver Award