Phnom Penh, June 1st, 2021 – The 8th annual EFG Day was held on this day after being moved from its regular May 1st slot due to Covid lockdown in Cambodia. It has now become a well-established tradition that management and office staff don aprons and uniforms and spend a day in one of EFG Cambodia’s stores. They work as chefs, cleaners, cashiers, baristas, servers or deliverymen.

Martin Darby, Managing Director of EFG Holdings doubled up as server in Krispy Kreme, The Coffee Club and as a Hungry App deliveryman sporting the recognizable bright green uniform. Tep Virak, General Manager of EFG Cambodia took up the role as barista preparing some EFG Day of Cambodia’s best coffee at The Coffee Club and as a server at Swensen’s. HR, admin, finance and other back office staff took up various positions at The Pizza Company, Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme and Swensen’s.

Martin commented on EFG Day œAll our EFG office staff came to work inside the stores today to get a taste of frontline operations. Every time it is a rewarding and different experience. We like to remind all our EFG staff that everyone’s role counts and contributes directly to our daily sales and annual revenue. We believe strongly that to grow together we have to understand each other’s jobs, and their challenges, so that we can work together and find solutions to grow the business for the benefit of all.

Tep Virak, General Manager of EFG Cambodia added œA special thank you to everyone for their hard work and support during the challenging times of the pandemic and lockdown It is always a pleasure to spend time with our colleagues in store and facing our customers. This experience always reminds me that by working together we will be stronger and easily overcome any challenges that present themselves. 

Currently, EFG Day takes place only in Cambodia and plans are underway to introduce EFG Day to Laos and Myanmar as well.