Lao Ford City Driving Skills for Life Returns to Vientiane

December 8th, 2019 Vientiane – Lao Ford City held its annual Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) training, part of Ford’s global driver safety program, joined by over 165 participants at Lao ITECC.


Two full-day workshops addressed a number of driver risks, including ways to manage unexpected scenarios, distracted driving from mobile phone use, hazard recognition and speed management.


Courses were led by Cesar EL Berjaoui, Fleet Service Support Manager, known for his work leading training at RMA Academy, along with Justin Mah, Technical Field Engineer of RMA Academy. On top of classroom courses on safe driving, attendees had the chance to put their learning into practice, driving around a track designed by RMA Academy using four different car models including the Ford Ranger Ford Everest and New Ford EcoSport.


œWe are thrilled to be offering Laotian drivers the chance to participate in Ford Driving Skills for Life once again. Now in its eleventh year in Asia, this program is expanding faster than ever, with this year’s turnout in Laos being one of the highest. Our aim is to spread the message of safe driving across the country, said Chakkaphonh Malabandith, Sales and Operation Manager, Lao Ford City.


At the end of the event, participants were given T-shirts and a handbook. Lao Ford City held a lucky draw to boot, with the winners taking home prizes like a pressure washing machine, caps, clocks, pillows and mugs.


This year’s event saw some of the highest turnout ever as Ford’s DSFL program expands in Southeast Asia.