LFC Supports LISGInterplast Programs

Vientiane, November 4th, 2020 – Lao Ford City held a handover ceremony to present a USD2,000 donation to Lao International Support Group (LISG) in support of its Interplast Programs that focus on burn injuries.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished representatives from the Lao International Support Group, Manolan Dalavong, Ms Pathumphon Phetsavong and Champathong Thalongsengchan.

Lao Ford City recognizes the tremendous efforts made by LISG in striving to create better understanding of burn injuries, distinguishing the different kinds of burns and knowing what first aid to administer to burn victims. They also provide critical guidelines on how to report an incident and how to provide the right medical information, diagnosis and treatment.

œLao Ford City is a proud partner of LISG in support of the Lao community  stated Wayne McIntosh, Managing Director LFC. œThrough the magnificent work done by LISG and their practical demonstrations and education sessions, the public receives a thorough understanding of the risks of burns injuries and how to best to respond to them. 