PFI Wins ContractFood Catering fromChangi Airport Group (CAG)

August, 2021, Singapore – Palms Food International (PFI) was selected to provide food catering services to Changi Airport personnel as part of the airport management’s Covid safety program.

PFI was awarded an initial three week food catering contract to supply workers at Changi Airport with packaged cooked meals three times per day – averaging 10,500 meals per week.

This lucrative order was made possible by a SGD15 million fund set up by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Changi Airport Group (CAG). The aim of the fund is to assist Changi Airport workers while they are adjusting to altered working conditions and curtailment of movement with the implementation of stricter Covid regulations. Workers are required to follow stricter safety protocols and have been segregated into three separate zones. Workers must remain in their designated zone and consume all their meals these zones.

The fund also provides some 5,000 airport workers of the 14,000 workers in total with a special monthly allowance for six months. The Food Catering contract runs until December 2021.