April 9th, 2019, Milan – The new Range Rover Evoque will star at Milan Design Week, with artistic creations celebrating its ethos of responsible luxury.

The original luxury compact Range Rover sets new standards of refinement, modernity and sustainability that will be explored at a historic gallery in the Brera district and in two outdoor installations during the event, from 9-14 April.

A display at the Blindarte gallery in Brera examines the unique design and values of the iconic British compact luxury SUV – from wire form, sustainability, innovation to complete vehicle. It shows how it is possible to create a sustainable future for the automotive industry, combining design, beauty, technological innovation and high performance.

Gallery visitors will explore Evoque in three stages, starting in the Responsible Luxury Area with a look at natural and recycled fabrics. The Innovation Lab reflects Evoque’s digital technologies and includes the chance to make virtual reality images. An immersive digital display in the Reveal Area leads to the star attraction – the vehicle itself.


Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, said: œAt this year’s Milan Design Week we wanted to create that all important emotional reaction that will turn heads and make people smile. 

The exhibition also includes a celebration of the Land Rover BORN Awards for the European finalists for this year’s award and will be open to the public daily throughout Design Week (9-14 April, 10am-9pm) at the Blindarte Gallery in via Palermo, 11.

The Evoque will also be on the streets of Milan during Design Week. The SUV that lives for the city features in two installations that pay tribute to the urban world and its power to inspire designers.

The first, by design duo Giovannoni e Marcantonio, will be in Piazza XXIV Maggio, in the lively Tortona District. A goggle-eyed four-metre giraffe carries a chandelier which illuminates a gilded wire form of the new Evoque. This unusual scenario is intended to celebrate the energy of the ˜urban jungle’.

Giovannoni e Marcantonio said: œWe want to invite Milan to reflect on the value of the city we love, and its spaces to be safeguarded and protected. Every inhabitant can contribute to achieving this goal by making simple daily choices, such as preferring means of transport that minimize environmental impact. 

Fashion designer Elena Ghisellini created the second installation, in via Palermo, 11, the very heart of Brera. Rainbow strips of eco fur will cover an Evoque wire form, creating a colourful refuge to take us all back to childhood – a safe, creative space in the city.

Elena Ghisellini said: œIt’s a clear message of urban freedom. I drew inspiration from the city, experiencing it as a social place capable of conveying joy and vivacity, making its inhabitants feel protected and free to express themselves. 

Land Rover is taking part in Milan Design Week for the sixth consecutive year.