RMA Automotive Celebrates RMA Group’s Birthday

November 25th, 2019 Laem Chabang – RMA Automotive held their annual company birthday ceremony, celebrating RMA Group’s company registration date at its Automotive Distribution Center in Laem Chabang. Each year, RMA Automotive staff participate in the company merit event, offering food to visiting monks and paying respect to the company’s shrine.


The half-day event started early with the visit of nine venerable monks who performed a Buddhist ceremony joined by the RMA Automotive team. This was followed up by a show of respect to the on-site shrine.


Although a returning tradition, this year aimed to be special by being the first celebration to add a traditional Thai dance offering, performed by all RMA Automotive employees to represent a recent positive shift in business prosperity.


œFor over three decades, RMA has remained committed to our people and our clients, holding firm to our vision of being a partner of choice. This pledge from all employees has helped us grow over the years. We’re grateful to have incredible people onboard and to celebrate another successful year, stated Peter Lawson, Global Manufacturing & Quality Director, RMA Automotive.


Rounding off the morning’s activities was a visit to the canteen for a management communication session before enjoying a communal lunch.