RMA Cambodia Holds 5th Annual EFG Day

May 5th, 2018 Phnom Penh – RMA Cambodia held its 5th annual EFG Day, giving EFG headquarter employees the chance to experience a full day working at one of EFG’s outlets. This gives employees from various departments an inside look into the standard operating procedures of each outlet.

EFG headquarter employees from all departments used the opportunity to work at outlets across Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. They were in charge of both back end and front end positions, including food preparation, sanitation, maintenance and customer service.

To everyone’s surprise, Ngorn Saing, the CEO of RMA Cambodia, joined and took on the position of the Customer Service Representative (CSR) of BAR-B-Q Plaza at Toul Kork. He was coached by the staff on how to process orders and served customers himself.

œIt was an incredible opportunity to experience daily work with our front-liners, and most importantly, to have the chance to serve our customers directly , Mr. Tep Virak, General Manager at EFG explained. œI benefited greatly from the day and was able to get closer to our staff at the stores. We ate together, talked and listened to one another while understanding more about each other and finding ways to improve our work and life. I really am looking forward to the next EFG Day in 2019 .

EFG Day is a wonderful opportunity for head office staff and the management team to understand front line work at each store and learn more about customer satisfaction, while encouraging front line employees to continue with the great work they are already putting into their jobs.