RMA Cambodia Keeps Phnom Penh Streets Clean

July 17th, 2019 Phnom Penh – Keeping the streets of Phnom Penh beautiful was what drove RMA Cambodia staff to put together a dustbin donation day for the Sangkat Chroy Chongva district on July 17th.


Three RMAC representatives handed over 70 RMA branded dustbins to be distributed at Sangkat Chroy Chongva, showcasing the Group’s commitment to urban cleanliness and improving the community environment. Mao Buntha, Chief of Sangkat Chroy Chongva, and other representatives from Sangkat Chroy Chongva were handed the new bins.


œOne of the key takeaways from organizing other cleanup days in the past was that urban cleanliness is greatly interconnected with thriving communities. With that same idea in mind, we put together this year’s dustbin donation day, and I’m proud to say that the Sangkat Chroy Chongva district now has 70 dustbins where individuals can help contribute towards keeping the streets beautiful, said Tep Virak, General Manager of EFG Cambodia.


This is the second dustbin donation following RMAC’s big Cleanup Day in April 2019. The team has pledged to organize more sustainability activities throughout the year.