RMA Cambodia Makes Strides Promoting Sanitation in Schools

April 4th, 2019 Tak̩o РStudents at Sok An Kdei Tontem school in Thkov Village were greeted with much needed new restroom facilities, financed with the help of RMA Cambodia (RMAC).


The completed project was revealed during a ceremony attended by students, staff and RMAC employees. The previously run-down toilets were extensively refurbished, which was necessary to uphold good standards of sanitation and hygiene for the two hundred students using them.


œChildren are the future, and we need to do what we can to make sure they grow up healthy. By highlighting the importance of sanitation and proper hygiene practices, the young community will be likelier to follow suit and implement impactful changes in their own lives, said Ngorn Saing, Country Manager, RMAC.


Living a healthy lifestyle is also a key part of RMAC’s message to Cambodian youth across the country. During the ceremony, RMAC also handed out sports gear to the students. An additional donation of 120 sets of clothing was made to the elderly living in the nearby Cheung Koun commune.


RMAC will continue supporting health and education initiatives through funding and workshops at schools around Cambodia.