RMA Group Holds Finance and IT Department Training

August 23rd, 2019 Bangkok – RMA Group organized its 2nd Annual Finance and IT (FIT) training program, attended by 58 team members in both the Finance and IT departments from across all RMA markets.


The training was centered around the ˜Right People, Right Tools, Right Solutions’ and covered developments made from the HR side to improve tools and processes for managing and developing employees, focusing on recruiting people with the right behavior to flourish at RMA.


Trainers from nine departments covered one topic each over the course of three days. Topics and trainers included:

  • Finance: Diana Ong, VP Finance
  • The Right People: Neil Russell, Group Recruitment, Learning and Development Manager
  • Treasury: Akarawut Thiabrat (K. Golf), Head of Group Finance & Treasurer
  • Planning: Christer Toensager, Head of Planning, Reporting & Analysis
  • Accounting: Nuttaporn Kultanun (K. Nutt), Group Chief Accounting Officer
  • IT: Alex Konnaris, Group CIO
  • Tax: Akarawat Raweechachanont (K. Sand)
  • Legal: Brennan, Group Recruitment, Learning and Development Manager and Theerat Singh Sachdev, Legal and Compliance Officer
  • Internal Audit: Voravan Lertdee (K. Nan), Internal Audit Manager


Guest speakers were invited to cover company tax and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), provide new information on Finance and IT, and go over problems, solutions and benefits of Microsoft Office 365 to internal employees. A group dinner brought everyone together on the last day.


œEffective internal communication and development training are both made a priority at RMA Group. We hold this training every year as it helps us ensure management is on track with department goals and to keep everyone on the team up to speed. Today’s training was successful in bringing together the finance and IT teams, update both departments and go over their targets, along with RMA Group’s overall company vision, said Diana Ong, VP Finance, RMA Group.


FIT is held under RMA’s 3R initiative ˜The Right People, Right Tools, Right Solutions’ and will continue to be used to keep departments up-to-date.