RMA Says No to Plastic Bags

June 13th, 2019 Bangkok – To do their part in fighting plastic pollution, RMA Group’s ADC division held an œRMA Says No to Plastic Bags’ event for World Environment Day.


The campaign centered around reducing the use of plastic bags inside the ADC canteen and encouraging all employees to make that commitment. Environmental care activities were held to raise awareness on the event and on the importance of environmental protection. Every division under ADC was involved, with 339 employees participating.


œMore and more plastics are being dumped into our oceans each year. It’s time to do something about it. We, at RMA, are trying to make a difference by cutting down plastic use. By acting now, we can still protect our environment for future generations, said Peter Lawson, Global Manufacturing and Quality Director, RMA Automotive.


Two weeks before the event, the EC committee began advocating the use of non-plastic bags, heightening everyone’s awareness on RMA’s new initiative. All staff members were given a specially made reusable bag that they can take to stores. On top of that, each department recorded a video pledging their commitment to the cause and communicating ways they plan to protect the environment.


On event day, everyone watched the compiled videos and saw how their fellow employees plan on caring for the environment. Peter Lawson led RMA’s pledge to protect the environment. Putting words into action, ADC created a œTree of Commitment , where everyone wrote down their commitments and hung it up on the tree.


RMA remains committed to taking action to protect the environment.