RMAA READ Challenge Program

June 4th, 2021 – RMAA continued the READ challenge to encourage employees to participate in Good Health activities under the four concepts of Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude and Diet.


Staff share photos of themselves to the Line group once a week, performing any sort of relaxing activities such gardening, travelling, spending time at a meditation retreat, or simply a picture of themselves in a relaxed space.


Employees are required to walk or run 400,000 steps in a month and share the weekly accumulated steps to the Line group. They also need to complete a specific aerobic exercise challenge which gets announced on a monthly basis. During April and May the prescribed exercise was 400 minutes of cardio dance.


Employees need to share photos of themselves participating in benevolent activities such as giving donations, doing charity work or posting positive living quotes to Line group once a week.


Employees are required to post pictures of themselves enjoying a meal of healthy, nutritious food once a week.