Taking Action for a Greener Myanmar

July 23rd, 2019 Yangon – As part of their commitment to making Myanmar a more eco-friendly, greener country, Ford Capital Automotive is holding a ˜Green Myanmar’ initiative from July 15th to August 15th.


During the one-month period, any customer who walks into the Ford Yangon and Mandalay service centers for a service, repair or parts purchase will be offered one tree or flower plant as a free-of-charge gift. Each customer has the option to choose one tree plant or one flower plant. Tree plant choices include a mango, guava or thanatkhar tree, or they can choose between a rose, jasmine or kiss me quist plant.


This offer was crafted and funded by Ford Capital Automotive as a way to give back to the environment. The Yangon service center sees an average of 30-34 customers per day while Mandalay receives 3-4, bringing the total number of potential trees or flowers planted throughout the month to over 1,000. The best part for customers is that they’ll be able to take action for a greener Myanmar completely free of charge with their new plant.


œWe are thrilled to be taking action for a healthier, greener Myanmar. This one-month event allows customers to actively take part in tackling climate change in their city, boosting healthier urban communities and eco-friendly practices, completely free of charge. This is one big step in Ford Myanmar’s investment in creating a more sustainable Myanmar, said Sajai Nalupurakkal, Ford After Sales Manager, Capital Automotive.


Ford Capital Automotive continues in its initiative to fight for a greener country and promote sustainability practices.