104kW Solar PV System Completed on the Roof of Comin Khmere’s Building

Comin Khmere has been the leading contractor in rooftop solar in Cambodia for the past 5 years. Since our first projects in 2013 Comin has installed over 20 Mega Watt of rooftop solar across the country, including the largest private solar facility in the country – CMIC’s installation totals 10 Mega Watt and includes 2 Mega Watt of floating solar – a first for Cambodia.


The benefits of rooftop solar are actively promoted by our solar and business development teams when approaching the market. Cost savings, reduced carbon footprint and brand image are all benefited by rooftop solar. As such, we were very keen to implement our own advice and reap the benefits internally.


A total of 315 solar panels cover most of the main roof and could produce 104kW. The system is expected to reduce the total energy consumption about 30 to 40%, saving approximately 20-25k USD per annum. The payback time is about 4 years. However, the solar panels will at least produce power for the next 25 years.


After the installation was completed, the solar team coordinated with EDC (Electricitie du Cambodge) for a commissioning and energization inspection and the system was approved and put into operation on 9th April 2020.


“I’m very proud to have this solar installation energized at Comin Khmere Headquarters. We are strong advocates of solar in the market and it’s great that we are now benefiting from our own system. We can also use this to provide real data information for prospective clients and to carry out case studies in efficiency and optimized maintenance.  said Michael Freeman, Vice President Contracting Comin Asia.


Congratulations to the solar team and all those who supported this effort over solar team and all those who supported this over the last few months.