EFG – The Difference

EFG – The Difference

Teamwork and Endurance

EFG (Express Food Group) has been operating across Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for over twenty years. As franchisees of some of the world’s best known brands it has brought famous and iconic foods to the region.

EFG counts over 100 stors in this region with many more opening every year. EFG’s growth and expansion in the casual dining and quick service restaurant sector continues with the implementation of innovative ordering and delivery options, virtual kitchens and a wide variety of menu items.

Moreover EFG believes in its people and ensures it is backed up with qualified and motivated employees. With over 70 stores in Cambodia alone and 1139 employees, it is fitting that EFG has been awarded the Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award – Cambodia. This is the first time that a food franchisor received this accreditation.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards recognise companies that have shown world-class employee engagement and workplace excellence, while displaying demonstrable empathy and care for their employees.

Entry to the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards entitles the nominee company to a holistic and informative assessment of its HR practices. The award also allows for benchmarking of results across industries and across markets. Importantly, the award is a powerful branding asset for the winners, allowing them to build their brand as a desirable employer of choice and helping them attract and retain top talents.

A new proprietary platform was specifically built to measure employee engagement in real time and 13,821 employees from 175 Cambodian companies took part in the HR Asia employee engagement survey via the TEAM platform. Each respondent completed  the survey anonymously and the results are confidential as the employers only receives the survey average score of each question.

EFG Cambodia’s work force spans restaurant operations, procurement and supply chain, call center and delivery, marketing, and support operations. What unifies everyone is the company’s mantra of working together as a team and endeavouring to deliver the highest level of service standards.

œTeamwork and Endurance. We love and value our people and understand the benefits of working together as one strong EFG team. We never give up and persevere to deliver exceptional service and standards. 

Most EFG staff have worked with the company for over two years, which is well above the norm for this sector. At EFG Cambodia staff are encourage our staff to think as partners in the business. They can bring ideas and help create solutions to improve efficiencies and ulitimately the bottom line.

A specialized employee rewards program the Dolphin Program, does exactly that. It looks for opportunities and rewards employees for stepping up and showing faith in themselves and a commitment to their jobs. Dolphin Rewards recognizes teamwork and it helps to bring out the best in an individual by recognizing not only leaders but also the the unsung heroes.

The Dolphin Awards cover four distinct categories. These are Quality Star Circle Award, Dolphin Hall of Fame Award, Long Service Awards, and the annual Chairman’s Award.

The Quality Star Circle Award is a special quality award to stores who have reached a superior standard of quality which is only possible by the sustained and concerted efforts of all employess at all levels working in that store.

The Dolphin Hall of Fame Award, pays homage to inclvidual members of staff, teams or business divisions who have  gone above and beyond in their duties to deliver superior service, business innovations or operational systems.

The Long Service Awards celebrate the 10, 15 and 20 year work anniversaries. The Chairman’s Award, is an RMA Group company wide award, dedicated to those employees or teams who have shown a particular uptake of the company’s vision and core values as demonstrated this by their performance and attitude.

Being part of RMA Group, a large multinational company headquartered in Thailand, allows EFG to benefit from the Group’s Learning and Development Program. EFG managers regularly join managers from other RMA Group companies and subsidaries to receive focused managment training. The Leadership Development Program is an interactive training program that equips managers with the skills to excel.

The culture at EFG is an immersive one. It’s not a sink or swim culture and employees are given the tools grow and to prosper.

Successes are shared in many ways. Every new store openings is a celebration. New alliances and partnerships are documented and communicated to all staff. Staff birthdays are celebrated, as are long service anniversaries. EFG embodies an inclusive management style so that employees are always aware the company’s successes. Information and knowledge sharing are key to providing an informed and enlightened workforce.