Making a Difference in the Community: RMA Automotive’s Corporate Social Responsibility

To secure our future prosperity on this planet, it is critical that citizens, governments, and corporations alike all make sustainability a high priority.


All corporations should strive to have a positive effect on the environment and the communities in which they operate. This clearly makes sense from an ethical standpoint, but it is also a sound business practice. Demonstrating strong corporate social responsibility can bolster a company’s reputation with the public and stakeholders, while boosting employee morale and productivity.


RMA Automotive is strongly committed to supporting both the environment and local communities through our various CSR projects   and does much more than simply invest in third-party projects. We aim to include every employee in a CSR project at least once a year.



CSR in action: Planting mangroves and restoring coral


The ˜Mangrove Project’ is RMA Automotive’s biggest recurring CSR activity. The project is conducted for the third time involves up to 400 employees going out and planting mangroves in Sattahip District, Thailand.


Mangroves are highly fertile ecosystems that offer many environmental benefits. They protect shorelines from erosion, floods, and storms. And, they provide an essential habitat for many marine creatures, while producing vast amounts of oxygen through photosynthesis.


By planting new mangroves, RMA Automotive employees helped protect Sattahip’s coastal region from destruction during Thailand’s monsoon seasons, which are likely to become more extreme as climate change progresses.


œRMA employees are not afraid to get involved and get dirty, said RMA Automotive Human Resources Manager   Anjana Yingwattanathaworn. œEveryone is proud of their work and it’s very gratifying to know we are making a real difference. 


In 2019, RMA’s biggest CSR project was coral restoration, which also took place in Sattahip, Thailand. The teams built stabilization structures, transplanted coral and released fish and crabs in the water to rebalance the surrounding ecosystem.


Much like mangroves, coral reefs are vital to the health of coastal environments and the prosperity of the people of who live nearby.




RMA Automotive’s commitment to sustainability and the community  


Another important initiative was the donation drive for the Pattaya Orphanage in 2018. With a œUsed but Useable  stationary collection effort, the children were provided with pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, and many other useful school supplies. Since the drive happened just before the Songkran Festival, RMA Automotive staff also handed out several toys and water guns so that the kids could join in on the fun. As the orphanage runs entirely on donations, an additional $8,000 baht was provided.


Aside from CSR projects, RMA Automotive also constantly works to instill an environmentally conscious mindset in our employees, and they are always encouraged to share their eco ideas with leadership.


RMA Automotive’s ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation assures clients of our commitment to minimizing product manufacturing processes that harm the environment. Moreover, we are constantly seeking out partners who share our concern for the environment.


œRMA’s core values of integrity, innovation and endurance are a huge part of everything we do, said Yingwattanathaworn. œThey guide us in our business efforts, but they also inspire us to do our part for the community and the environment. 