The Small Are Mighty With a New Jack From Ford: How to Change a Tire

April 13th, 2019 Bangkok – While more and more people are getting behind the wheel, few know practical car repair skills like how to change a tire. And even drivers who do know how can be intimated by the idea of jacking up a 2-ton (or heavier) vehicle after a flat tire.


œSome people think it’s very complicated to repair a car, but in fact, tasks like changing a tire are not difficult when you have the right tool to work with, says Brenna Liu, a jack engineer at Ford Research and Engineering Center in Nanjing, China.


Now more people – regardless of size and strength – can change their own tire with a helpful innovation from Ford. Frustrated with traditional jacks, which are bulky and require physical strength, Liu led Ford’s global jack design and invented a small but mighty jack.


Thirty percent smaller than previous models, the wrench on the new jack can both lift the car and disassemble the tire. And its locking design makes it easier to pack and unpack and avoid losing parts.


œBeing able to change tires on my own means that I don’t need to waste time waiting for roadside assistance and can save money as well. I can even offer a hand when I see others with flat tires on the road, Liu added. œIt’s a valuable skill. 