Comin Khmere Hosts Grid Solution Seminar for EDC Employees

February 21st, 2020 Phnom PenhComin Khmere ‹, a leading engineering solution provider and EPC contractor in Cambodia, in association with GE Singapore, conducted a two-day seminar on Grid Solutions at the Sunway Hotel.

Staff from Electricite Du Cambodge (EDC), a Cambodian national utility company, attended the seminar led by Comin Khmere’s management team and GE experts on grid solutions from Australia, Singapore and Vietnam.

The seminar dove into key topics that included protection and control systems, online power transformer monitoring systems, telecommunication systems and substation automation systems.

œThis course, hosted by Comin Khmere in association with GE Singapore, was instrumental in offering a well-rounded view of modern grid solutions. Being able to share our knowledge with EDC, one of our biggest partners in the country, is what we strive to do for all clients. We’re proud to keep the relationship strong and offer our ongoing support, said Michael Freeman, Vice President Contracting Comin Asia

Recognized countrywide for their engineering solutions expertise, Comin Khmere delivers ongoing training and courses to clients in the utilities sector.