Comin Khmere Hosts Study Tour, Inspiring PhD Students from RULE

February 22nd, 2020 Phnom Penh – Comin Khmere, a subsidiary of Comin Asia Group and one of the country’s leading engineering solutions provider, worked with the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) to help drive the understanding of construction best practices, focusing particularly on safety and quality.

In line with the government’s goal to promote safety at construction sites, Comin Khmere hosted a study tour inviting eight RULE PhD law majors to Sathapana Tower, a Grade A building along Norodom Boulevard.

Complying with the highest safety and quality standards, the 19-storey building is under construction and set to be Sathapana Bank’s New Headquarters when completed in 2020.

Leading the tour was Charles Amar, a Paris Bar lawyer, professor at RULE and Head of the DFDL Cambodia real estate practice group. He selected Sathapana Tower as the benchmark of quality and safety in Cambodia and applauded Comin Khmere for hosting the visit.

œIt is a great opportunity and an honor for law students to visit a high-rise office building construction site built to international standards and prioritizes safety during the construction process, he said.   œThe students were able to learn more about construction standards and health safety, how it works in practice and why it is important to draft a construction contract. 

Michel Cassagnes, Managing Director of Archetype Cambodia, an important partner of Comin Khmere, highlighted the importance of safety practices implemented at Sathapana Tower. œThis is a Grade A standard building – the highest standard. Every design and construction aspect of the building is done very carefully, from quality to building safety, he said.

This was the first time Comin Khmere supported this type of study tour, with the aim of inspiring future construction leaders of Cambodia.