EFG Cambodia Enters Dairy Queen Top Curl Final Competition

July 10th, 2019 Bali – EFG Cambodia joined dozens of other Dairy Queen stores from across the globe for the Dairy Queen Top Curl Final Competition in Bali on July 10th, 2019.


Dairy Queen is known for its soft serve with a signature curl on top. The trademark curl dates back to when the company began serving customers in the 1940’s. To ensure DQ employees master the curl fans have grown to love, the company organizes Top Curl competitions. These competitions bring the best representatives and curl experts from different countries to compete in a final showdown.


The road leading up to this year’s awards began May 21st and included an in-store competition in each country. Winners from the in-store rounds were flown to Bali for the final competition. This year, Loeng Vannith best created the iconic DQ curl and was picked to represent Dairy Queen of EFG Cambodia.


The top curl competition is not only a fun way to see who’s the best of the best when it comes to curl technique, it also strengthens operation standards, product quality and service.


œEFG Cambodia is proud to be competing in Dairy Queen’s Top Curl Final Competition. We work to ensure we consistently deliver the best in customer service and operations standards, and this includes making sure every single one of our customers receive their world-famous Dairy Queen soft serve with the signature curl on top. I’m honored to be here supporting Leong Vannith, who did an amazing job representing EFG Cambodia, said Martin Darby, Managing Director of EFG Holdings and Vice President of EFG Food and Beverage Franchises.


Loeng Vannith landed in the top 10, putting EFG Cambodia’s name on the map while showcasing his ability to deliver the best Dairy Queen curl.