Safety First: RMA Automotive Holds Safe Driving Course

July 4th, 2019 Laem Chabang – RMA Automotive conducted a driver safety training together with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) from July 3rd – 4th at ADC Laem Chabang.


The course was led by Cesar EL-Berjaoui, Alan Vale, Kan Santigul and Ross Holder, with training materials that included a workshop, the Siracha Airfield runway, a Ford Ranger and vehicles used by the ICRC team.


Drivers went through updated lessons covering all safety aspects including components needed to complete thorough daily checks, understanding vehicle indicators, completing fluid checks and basic vehicle maintenance. Drivers were taught maintenance practices that help improve safety, reduce accidents, maintenance costs and improve fuel economy, along with safe driving tips.


For the hands-on lessons, participants drove through obstacle courses in low and fast driving conditions at the Siracha Airfield runway.


œEach RMA Automotive safe driving course is designed to ensure drivers are up-to-date on safe driving practices that adhere to international standards, local laws and the specific requirements of the clients we conduct the training with. This program has been incredibly effective in providing drivers with an understanding of safe driving and vehicle maintenance while also elevating their driving skills, said Cesar EL-Berjaoui, Fleet Service Support Manager, RMA Automotive.


At the close of training day, participants received certificates of completion handed over by all trainers.