EFG introduce Bar B Q Plaza to Cambodian consumers

Express Food Group Co., Ltd. (EFG) a subsidiary of RMA Group, leading franchise restaurant operator in Southeast Asia and the biggest food service chain operator in Cambodia, is bringing Thailand’s most famous œBar B Q Plaza  restaurant to Cambodia.

The first restaurant will open at AEON Mall in Phnom Penh in June. One more will be unveiled in the Cambodian capital later this year and a further ten restaurants will be operational by 2022.

According to Mr. Kevin Whitcraft, Chief Executive Officer of RMA Group, EFG had desired to grow its portfolio with a grill restaurant business, as it is the most popular segment in the self-cooking business in Cambodia.

œBar B Q Plaza has tremendous success in Thailand and overseas, and the efficient franchise system convinced us to introduce their best dining experience to Cambodian consumers,” he said.

Whitcraft added, that Bar B Q Plaza is one of the most popular brands for Cambodian travelers in Thailand. The strategy is to deliver successful products and service standards established in Thailand to Cambodian consumers. To achieve that, the franchise manual will be closely followed, along with on-site staff training and quality inspection by Food Passion’s team. All key ingredients will be supplied directly by Food Passion’s central kitchen in Thailand. Bar B Q Plaza will cover key areas in the heart of cities and will be supported by an effective marketing campaign through Bar B Q Plaza’s Brand Love unique strategy.

œPrimarily, we set aside a budget of over THB150 million to open at least 10 Bar B Q Plaza restaurants by 2022. This year, we plan two restaurants in the heart of Phnom Penh; the first inside mega-project AEON Mall and the second in Toul Kork district, Whitcraft said.

Through the Area Development Franchise contract, EFG will be solely responsible for growing the Bar B Q Plaza brand in Cambodia. EFG currently operates over 50 international quick service restaurants and beverage outlets in the country.

According to Whitcraft, in 2016, Cambodia’s restaurant industry value was tuned at US$400 million with 2,000-2,500 registered restaurants. About 1,000 restaurants are located In Phnom Penh alone. The industry is vibrant as more families and young adults eat out more often with an average spending per head at US$5 for lunch and US$10 for dinner a few times a month.

The franchise contract to EFG is the first by Food Passion Co Ltd, the Thai operator of famous restaurant brands – œBar B Q Plaza , œJoom Zap Hut  and œHot-Star . After a search for partners who pursue sustainable growth and create a franchise support system, Food Passion is ready to make Bar B Q Plaza its first regional brand by 2020.

Mrs. Chataya Supanpong, Food Passion Co Ltd.’s Chief Engagement Officer, said that at least 30 restaurants will be open across Southeast Asia particularly CLMV countries with targeted in sale of THB600 million by 2020.

“We’re confident that EFG can ensure success in establishing the Bar B Q Plaza brand in Cambodia. EFG possesses expertise in operating several types of restaurants and understanding in franchise business and we are confident it will maintain Bar B Q Plaza standards. Importantly, EFG is a market expert, with a deep understanding of the Cambodian market, Chataya said.