EMCAT Pledges to Reduce Plastic in all Airport Outlets

September 17th, 2019 Phnom Penh – EMCAT of EFG joined hands with Cambodia Airports for a campaign aimed at reducing plastic use, with actionable steps for lowering plastic consumption in airports across the country.


In support of Cambodia Airports’ pledge to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and services in the Kingdom of Cambodia, EMCAT Cambodia signed a memorandum of their commitment to the environment. This memorandum signifies that each EMCAT outlet will engage in more eco-friendly operations to the best of its abilities.


EMCAT outlets plan to stop providing customers with plastic bags, glasses and straws. They also plan to remove all single-use plastics from onsite meals. Single-use plastics contribute the most to the world’s nine billion tonnes of plastic trash per year, and often end up in oceans. EMCAT is currently reviewing their outlets’ business practices in order to minimize or eliminate them.


Plastic alternatives are being sought and many outlets now provide paper straws instead. EMCAT has put up signs around the airport notifying customers about the switch to paper straws. Other signs shine light on the harm that plastic causes and lets customers know that EMCAT outlets aim to reduce plastic consumption.


œEMCAT pledges to uphold our promise to the environment. Every one of our outlets will be implementing steps to reduce or eliminate plastic use following our strategic approach to the issue. Part of this strategy is to provide monthly statistics on waste categories and quantities. Our team has been looking at alternatives to takeaway plastic bags and packagings. Outlets have made the switch from plastic to paper straws as an environmentally friendlier alternative; we’re excited to see progress building and the momentum going, Jean-Boris Roux, VP Strategic Development.


EMCAT is fully committed to reducing plastics with a special focus on single-use plastics.