First Hako CityMaster Delivered in Cambodia

December 26th, 2018 Phnom Penh – Hako delivered the first CityMaster 1600 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Societe Concessionnaire de l’Aeroport (SCA) on December 26th and conducted a training session on how to operate the machine. As the first CityMaster sold in the country, this marks a huge milestone for Hako.

A half-day training session was held for 10 SCA employees, where they were given a hands-on demonstration of working with a CityMaster including its complete solutions. During each session, an expert technician from Hako went over the components and technology behind the new equipment. Everything from using the integrated operating panel to handling the machine’s articulated steering functions was covered.

SCA staff were also given the opportunity to test drive the CityMaster and learn how to best use it for its intended purpose of cleaning the SCA warehouse, airplane road and car parking area.

œRolling out the first CityMaster in Cambodia is something myself and the team are extremely proud of. As Cambodia continues to develop, more and more companies are looking for ways they can cut down cleaning costs while working efficiently. Bringing in Hako’s celebrated multi-functional cleaning equipment marks the first step in meeting that large demand, said Michael Berg, Operation Manger, Special Product, RMA Cambodia.