Ford Pro™ Converter

Ford Pro™ Converter
  • RMA Altinay ModCenter has been admitted as a participant in the Ford Pro™ Converter Program
  • RMA Altinay is the 1st Ford Pro™ Converter in Türkiye
  • It receives the accreditation for its vehicle personalization plant in Kocaeli, Türkiye, adjacent to the Ford Otosan plant.
  • Ford Pro™ Convertor Program is aimed at European converters specializing in multiple and diverse conversions

Kocaeli – Türkiye, January 15th, 2024.

RMA Altinay have been admitted by Ford of Europe to the Ford Pro™ Converter Program and as the first Ford Pro™ Converter in Türkiye.

The announcement ceremony was held at the RMA Altinay Mod Center in Gölcük, Kocaeli where RMA Group’s vehicle personalization facility is located adjacent to the Ford Otosan plant.

Presiding over proceedings on behalf of Ford were Ian Fosten Engineering and Technology Development Leader, Ford Otosan and Özgür Yücetürk Ford Türkiye Business Area Leader.

Burak Demirtas RMA Altinay CEO accepted the certification on behalf of RMA Group. RMA Altinay Technical AGM Savaş Akkaya and Ford Otosan SVE Leader Sabri Ilksoz also attended the ceremony.

The Ford Pro™ Convertor Program recognizes premium convertors across Europe, specializing in multiple and diverse conversions. As a proud participant of the market leading network of Ford Pro™ Convertors, Altinay Mod Center offers its expertise and high-quality output at every stage of the production process, thus providing customers with a high-quality, reliable vehicle conversion they can trust and rely on.

Participation in the program is conducted through a rigorous testing and qualifying process conducted by Ford engineers.

The Ford Pro™ Convertor assessment involves the Ford Assessment Team coming on site to observe the Convertor’s processes, quality, and manufacturing controls.

“I am delighted that RMA Altinay has been admitted to the Ford Pro™ Converter Program. This reflects our highest standards of engineering and quality which we have always maintained. We look forward to a new chapter of vehicle personalization working with Ford Otosan and anticipate many exciting new projects in the future, ” says Burak Demirtas.

During 2023 RMA Altinay completed over 111,000 vehicle personalization fitments on more than 61,500 Ford Transit vans that have passed through the facility. It employs around 175 employees.