RMA Group Welcomes Elena Ford to Ford RMA

RMA Group Welcomes Elena Ford to Ford RMA

Bangkok, ThailandJanuary 19th, 2024

RMA Group welcomed Elena Ford and a team of Ford senior leaders to a showroom visit and meetings at Ford RMA Hua Mark Showroom on 16 January 2024. 

Elena Ford, who is the Ford Chief Dealer Engagement Officer, visited Thailand and the Ford International Markets Group headquartered in Bangkok.

Elena Ford is the great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford and also the first woman in the Ford family in an executive position at the company. She was appointed the company’s first Chief Customer Experience Officer in October 2018 and to her new role in 2023.

Accompanying Elena on a showroom visit at RMA Group’s 4th and latest Ford dealership in Bangkok were Kay Hart, President of International Markets Group and Yukontorn “Vickie” Wisadkosin, President of Ford ASEAN, Mike Hammer (VP) and Michael O’Brian (VP).

“Elena has visited RMA Group in the past and I was delighted to meet her again and update her on the business.  This visit serves to strengthen the already strong relationship the RMA Group has with Ford and reflects our dominant position in Thailand and across Southeast Asia,” said CEO RMA Group, Kevin Whitcraft.

“Presenting our year-over-year performance growth with Ford and our expanding presence in new markets, significant investments in retail and production facilities gave us the opportunity to show Elena and Vickie that we are a formidable, highly capable, and reliable partner,” said Christian Wiedmann – Senior Vice President RMA Group and Managing Director,  Automotive.

“Ford retail operations in the RMA markets of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia are showing strength. Ford is the top-selling new vehicle brand for the past 5 years in Cambodia and #2 in Lao. More new showrooms are scheduled for opening in Laos for 2024 and 2025 with our dealer network providing after-sales services and automobile parts and accessories in Indonesia growing, as are our dealerships in Thailand, with Hua Mark being the newest addition opened 2023” Wiedmann added. 

Akarawut Thiabrat, Head of In Market Dealers Thailand mentioned that “Ford RMA is a leading Ford retailer in Thailand. In 2023 it twice accumulated the most new vehicle bookings at both of Bangkok’s largest motor shows and has notched multiple category wins in the Ford President Award showcasing the company’s excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. “

“This visit underscores the strategic collaboration between Ford and RMA, emphasizing innovation, excellence, and a shared commitment to the automotive industry’s growth. The tour of our Hua Mak dealership, our 4th showroom in Bangkok, gave Elena insights into our operational capabilities and commitment to excellence to providing a world-class customer experience, “said Pipatphol Aunnapirugz – General Manager of Ford RMA.

Kuhn Pipatphol also pointed out that Ford RMA is a leading commercial vehicle retailer and has fulfilled multiple large volume fleet orders with leading government fleet, leasing and rental operators in Thailand.

About RMA Group:

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