Hako Cambodia Stages Public Road Cleaning Day Outside Royal Palace

April 7th, 2018 Phnom Penh – In celebration of the Khmer New Year, RMA Group’s Hako Cambodia organized a massive cleaning day in front of the Royal Palace, working in cooperation with the Phnom Penh Capital Hall to bring the community together and raise public awareness on city cleanliness.

Hako, a German brand that manufactures high-quality street cleaning equipment and is imported and distributed exclusively by RMA Cambodia, planned the event which advocates for more Cambodians to push for a greener Phnom Penh and help clean the city. Over 100 volunteers participated, collecting garbage around the city. An additional 50 garbage bins were delivered to the Phnom Penh Capital Hall to facilitate the disposal of garbage at public roads, parks and schools.

RMA Cambodia’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ngang Saing, kicked off the event using a Hako road car cleaner to clear garbage and debris from the Royal Palace to the Independence Monument all the way up to Wat Phnom.

œHako Cambodia is incredibly honored to have brought together the people of Phnom Penh for this event. Working to create a cleaner environment in the countries we operate in is close to RMA’s core values, and we’re delighted that we were able to conduct this for Khmer New Year’s, one of Cambodia’s most celebrated holidays, stated Mr. Ngorn Saing, RMA Cambodia’s Chief Executive Officer.

Respecting the customs of Khmer New Year, cemeteries were also cleaned including pots around the cemeteries, which are traditionally believed to house a New Year’s Angel. Keeping cemeteries and the city clean to mark the Year of the Dragon is believed to bring good luck.

As one of the city’s main sites, crowds of people visited the Royal Palace and rang in the Khmer New Year on newly cleaned streets. Music was played throughout the city as locals and tourists splashed each other with water-guns; a longstanding celebrated New Year tradition in Cambodia.