Jaguar Land Rover Holds Test Driving and Car Show Event at Sihanoukville

August 16th , 2018 Sihanoukville – Jaguar Land Rover held a luxurious test drive and car show event for the first time in Sihanoukville from August 15th – 16th , giving clients the opportunity to view and test four iconic vehicles at the Jaguar and Land Rover car dealerships near the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port.

œWe held this event to put luxury cars at the fingertips of our customers and the public, giving them a new experience of unparalleled automotive performance. Our professional vehicle experts gave visitors an exclusive rundown on each car and its special features, said   Mr. Ulf Sebecke, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover, Cambodia.

High ranking government officials, influential local business owners and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese investors along with members of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce slipped into the driver’s seat to experience   the extraordinary capabilities of four exceptional but very different and versatile vehicles first hand.

RMA Group’s Jaguar Land Rover is Cambodia’s first Premium Automotive Company to officially engage with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and its entrepreneurial members, and to showcase and present four key models.

VIP guests relayed positive feedback to JLR staff, stating they were very impressed by the dynamic performance of the Jaguar F Pace, craftsmanship and design of the Range Rover Velar, through to the sportier design of the Range Rover Sport and the comfort, power, and dynamics of the Range Rover LWB.

Jaguar Land Rover presented exclusive promotions to VIP guests including the Approved Pre Owned, Risks of Purchasing from the Grey Market, and After Sales Services.

The forthcoming launch of the ˜Jaguar Land Rover Owners Club’ was also announced to attendees, piquing the interest of VIP guests.

The ˜Test Drive Experience’ turned out to be an overwhelming success, leading up to strong potential sales while delivering a truly memorable customer experience.