Limitless potential through cutting-edge technology

In a world of connected offices and connected homes, the car is increasingly a seamless digital accessory to the rest of our connected lives. Every vehicle we produce is internet-enabled and connected, with smart features  designed to remind us, warn us, help us and be one step ahead of us, helping to make our journeys safer and more  enjoyable.


For Jaguar Land Rover, being at the cutting edge of technology is all about creating an ever-safer and enhanced  driving experience. This means developing solutions that offer drivers the assistance they need when they need  it, because we believe that a well-informed driver is a safer driver.

We are pioneering research in connected and autonomous technologies. In the future our vehicles will connect to other vehicles to notify the driver of a potential hazard ahead. Imagine you’re in thick fog on a motorway and you’re made aware that a car in front has braked sharply or that an emergency vehicle is approaching quickly.


Today’s world of technology brings autonomous vehicles within touching distance. Already inside our current  production vehicles are assistance systems focused entirely on safe driving.

Smart technology sensors can assist  a driver in a moment of potential risk or automatically take appropriate action to ensure our drivers are the safest they can be in our vehicles. We’re now developing and shaping the future in this area with the UK’s first  real-world testing of autonomous driving. Ensuring future technology is rigorously tested is a philosophy that  has been part of our heritage from the start; it’s what makes us the car experts we are today.


cutting-edge technology

Jaguar has announced the I-PACE concept car, a daringly designed electric sports SUV. It offers luxurious  interior space, exhilarating acceleration and an expansive range between charges. It is truly the art of  effortless, silent and ultra-efficient performance and true to the spirit of every ground-breaking Jaguar that’s  gone before it.

When the full production version goes on sale in 2018 it will offer formidable performance. It will sprint to 60mph from a standing start in around four seconds, allied to an impressive range between charges of close to 220  miles or 500 kilometres*.

* 500km on the European driving cycle (NEDC) and 220 miles on the US driving cycle (US EPA).  


The  National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) will open in Spring 2018, providing a state-of-the-art technology hub for Jaguar Land Rover’s advanced research team and collaborative partners from the supply chain and academia.

£150 million is being invested in the NAIC capital building and its research activities through a long-term commitment between Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, WMG and the University of Warwick, along with an expanding network of supplier companies.

Academic and industrial R&D teams will work together using pioneering equipment and facilities to develop breakthrough designs, technologies and processes.  NAIC will provide a critical mass of research capability, combining automotive expertise nationally and internationally, providing  a unique resource  along with an environment to foster collaboration, cohesion and cross-fertilisation of knowledge.