Supporting Communities in Need: That’s the Ford Capital Automotive Way

August 18th, 2019 Mottama – Following torrential rainfall, flooding and landslides that shook the small town of Mottama in Myanmar’s Mon State this August, Ford Capital Automotive supported the affected community with a relief campaign focused on actionable items to better people’s lives.


According to local sources and Mudon Rescue Association (MRA), over 30 people died, more than 27 were injured and a dozen more were missing. Over 1,000 people were displaced, and the community needed as much support as possible.


11 generous Ford Capital Automotive volunteers, 20 volunteers from the Mon association, and The Voice winner, Novem Htoo, joined up for the one-day drive to deliver supplies to affected communities. Donated items included everything from blankets, rice and first aid kits to baby clothes and financial support. Ford Capital Automotive staff directly engaged with affected victims, lending a helping hand.


œFord Capital Automotive stands by the victims of the landslides and flooding in Mottama and offer our full support. The relief campaign we set up was on display and delivered to the entire Ford Capital Automotive office, resulting in numerous donations. We hope these essential items made an impact on the community and helped individuals in need, said Ngun Zar Flora, Ford Marketing Manager, Capital Automotive.


Ford’s philanthropic arm aims to strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better. This was an opportunity for Ford to provide assistant to the Mottama community.