RMA Automotive Gives Back

June 21st, 2019 Laem Chabang – Each year, RMA Automotive finds ways to give back to the surrounding community and get all employees involved in CSR activities. Whether it’s through donations or hands-on community building, the team makes time to pass on kindness.


RMA Automotive worked with two organizations this year; the Baan Nok Kamin Foundation, which cares for street children, the elderly and recovering drug addicts, and the Soidog Foundation caring for stray cats and dogs.


Boxes of donated goods were collected at the RMA Automotive Distribution Center, which houses a 10,000m2 warehouse, before being shipped off to both foundations.


Bedding and bath towels were donated to the Soidog Foundation to help animals during surgery and sterilization. Meanwhile, Baan Nok Kamin received clothing, household appliances and school supplies. The team was all smiles as they shipped off the final boxes.


œRMA Automotive looks for ways to support charities and foundations that work hard to make positive changes in our community. These donated boxes will go directly to the Soidog Foundation and Baan Nok Kamin, allowing them to continue their amazing work. We’re proud of bringing our team together to help, said Peter Lawson, Global Manufacturing & Quality Director, RMA Automotive.


RMA Automotive is committed to continue holding donation initiatives, fostering happy and healthy communities.