RMA Automotive Held CSR and Team Building Activity

October 25th, 2019 Laem Chabang – RMA Automotive held a fun CSR and Team building day at the at Naval camp Sattahip in Pattaya. The 321 staff began the day with a team building activity where staff were grouped into 10 teams wearing different colors and tasked to perform different challenges.


The afternoon activity was followed with CSR activity at the Marine Science and Conservation Camp at Sattahip. Team members had the opportunity to do snorkeling and do coral planting and releasing animal lives in the sea including fish, crab and shellfish. The aim was to increase the awareness of preserving and protecting marine life. RMA Automotive is looking forward to organizing more of such activities with the staff to enhance corporations between the team, and to raise awareness on protecting marine life as well as promoting ocean preservation.