RMA Turkey Supports Local Schools

October 25th, 2019 Turkey – RMA Turkey banded together to donate school supplies and clothing to students at Diyarbakır and AÄŸrı Yukarı Primary School, Turkey. This was done as part of RMA Turkey’s CSR program, which focuses on environmental sustainability, human development and more.


With the strong belief that every child deserves access to education and the resources needed to focus on their studies, all staff collected clothing and learning materials for children at both schools. These included winter jackets for the incoming cold weather


œWe’re grateful for our team for partaking in this program and for sharing our dedication to supporting children’s education. Having the right material plays a huge part in shaping a child’s education. With access to new learning materials, students have better opportunities to reach greater learning outcomes, Burak Demirtas, Country Manager of RMA Turkey.


RMA Turkey remains committed to supporting children’s education in the country.