RMA Cambodia Launches Ford EcoSport Family Trip Program

October 12th, 2019 Buriram – RMA Cambodia organized a three-day Ford EcoSport Family Trip to Buriram from Phnom Penh, starting a new annual tradition held exclusively for Ford EcoSport drivers. The program is designed to bring Ford drivers closer to their vehicle while celebrating adventure.


The caravan of 80 drivers took off on October 10th and made its way to the Play La Ploen Boutique Resort, treating Ford customers to a unique and memorable getaway. While in Buriram, RMA Cambodia took the group out on sightseeing and shopping tours.


œFord of RMA Cambodia believes in the joy of travel. We share this philosophy with all our customers through trips organized exclusively for them. The greatest adventures start in a Ford, said Seng Voeung, Ford General Manager, RMA Cambodia.


This excursion was the perfect opportunity for customers to become more familiar with their vehicles while building deeper customer engagement and positive customer experiences.