Lao Ford City Spreads the Message of Safer Roads

October 12th, 2019 Vientiane – Lao Ford City sponsored a Lao Traffic Police boat at the 2019 Boat Racing Festival in Vientiane, spreading the word about the importance of traffic rules and safe driving habits.

The boat racing festival is a national celebration marking the official end of Buddhist lent, with the race in Vientiane drawing in hundreds of viewers. The high viewership makes it a golden opportunity for the Lao Traffic Police to spread the word on traffic regulations. This year, Lao Ford City helped them reach even more people by sponsoring huge banners that also highlighted safe driving habits along nine streets in the capital.

˜At Lao Ford City, our aim is to make roads safer for all. For this project, we focused on access to education and information, which are key drivers of any safe roads system. We emphasized topics that are proven to contribute to safer roads, ranging from following traffic rules to safe vehicle handling. Our team is thrilled to have supported the Lao Traffic Police and to see how successful the campaign turned out, said Chakkaphonh Malabandith, Sales and Operation Manager LFC.

Each year, Lao Ford City organizes a number of activities centered on good driving habits with the end goal of making roads in Laos safer for all.