RMA Group Cares for Senior Citizens

December 14th, 2018 Samutsongkhram  – RMA Group, moved by the dedication and unbreakable spirit of one of their differently abled employees, continued the cycle of paying it forward by bringing five representatives from the HR department and Welfare committee to provide in-home senior care at three elderly homes.

Pongpat Somtad works at the Bang Kon Tee sub-district Administration Organization and has shown unyielding efforts towards his work despite the physical challenges he faces. After receiving approval from the President of the organization to visit a number of senior citizens in the Bang Kon Tee sub-district, members of RMA Group collected donatable goods and set out to brighten up their day.

The first home visited was that of Kim-Eng Ketwichit. At 104 years old, she’s the oldest woman in the sub-district and is highly respected in the community. RMA Group employees handed over rice and her favorite dried foods.

The group visited Vian Suechang next. Though he’s been bedridden for some time, his great spirit shines through and he lives in the same area as his daughter, who is his primary caregiver.

The group then visited 90-year-old Noi Thormak, who receives a pension from the Government Elderly Fund and the Handicapped organization. RMA Group employees spent the afternoon talking to her and made sure she had a substantial supply of rice and dried foods.

œIt’s heartwarming to see our employee devotion to taking care of our communities hasn’t wavered. Members of RMA Group’s HR and welfare committee team stepped forward with the desire to help seniors in the community, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed, said Chotirose Rattanamayoon, Human Resources Manager, RMA Group.

œI believe they truly brightened up the day of the seniors they visited while providing essential items for their wellbeing. RMA Group will continue exploring different avenues to help those in need, she continued.