RMA Group Donation to Khonthi Nai School, Samutsongkhram

RMA Group Donation to Khonthi Nai School, SamutsongkhramRMA Group Donation to Khonthi Nai School, Samutsongkhram

December 15th, 2017 Bangkok – RMA Group conducted numerous activities promoting community development in conjunction with the Bang Konthi District Administration.

Ten RMA Group volunteers representing different departments within the company visited the Bang Khonthi Nai School in Samutsongkhram province one hours’ drive from Bangkok head office. They distributed used clothing, shoes and toys donated by staff as well as company laptops. Used clothes go to families in need whilst donated electronics assist 40 students with their studies.

Staff also coordinated with the Bang Khonthi District Administration Organization office to plant vegetable seedlings on the Bang Khonthi Nai Temple grounds. The fully grown crops in turn are harvested by needy locals and used for food preparation.

Here is what some of our staff had to say.

Nataporn Phaisarnpoom (Tom)

œIt feels good to have served the Bang Konthi District. Even with limited time, we conducted some excellent activities with students and the local community. 

Chananya Piriyanasorn (Chew)

œThere were multiple reasons to participate in RMA’s CSR activity. Besides changing my usual routine, we felt good donating gifts and planting seedlings. We manage to make the locals smile and what we received in return was pure happiness! Sometimes we forget how little is needed to make someone happy. Thanks for bringing back my sense of joy. 

Puttiporn Tutanon (Puk)

œThere is so much delight in sharing happiness. Apart from donating to those in need, we found happiness in giving. We learned to be both a giver and a receiver of happiness. We want to see such activities continued at RMA. 