RMA Group HR Presented at AMCHAM Thailand

RMA Group HR Presented at AMCHAM Thailand

Bangkok, March 17th, 2022 – AMCHAM Thailand organized a virtual joint HR committee and Legal committee event on œHow Employers Can Deal with Life, As We Expect It Now, After COVID-19 . Neil Russell, Group HR Manager, Global Head of Recruitment and L&D, RMA Group attended as one of the guest speakers, to share his experiences and perspective on the issue.

Joined by 60 attendees, the event was organized to help give business and HR leaders an awareness of the opportunities and challenges ahead as we slowly move into a post-Covid world.

Nam-Ake Lakfuangfu, a lawyer at Baker Mckenzie, outlined the legal lessons learned and what may change in terms of the country’s laws.

Neil Russell shared how companies might want to adapt and take new or different approaches to work and leadership. People may see ˜flexible working’ and ˜work from home’ as the way to go, some examples were provided to reflect how and why this approach might be beneficial, as well as the benefits of traditional working practices.

Neil Russell also gave some of the planning and approaches companies could employ if they do want to approach work differently, since letting people work from home sometimes will create problems, unless planned and supported. Interesting data on workforces were also presented showing that for many, work from home is not an option for some business industries such as retail, manufacturing and agricultural workers.

The key takeaway from the event is that there are many options available but whichever option a company chooses, it needs a systemic, long-term plan to make it a success.