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‘Parkophobic' No More: Ford Parallel Parks Your Car for You

February 6, 2019
Fear of parking is real and there's even a word to describe it - parkophobia. Granted, it's not an actual dictionary term, but clearly, enough people are concerned about it that it warrants an unofficial…

Steering Away from Accidents with Ford's Pre-Collision Assist

January 31, 2019
Imagine inching along on a congested road, feeling like you need eight pairs of eyes to avoid unpredictable pedestrians, cyclists that silently sneak up and motorbikes that zip in, out and between…

Traveling with Kids in the Car? Here's a Survival Guide Every parent has been there

December 7, 2018
You're on a family road trip to escape the city or just driving across town to a restaurant, and your child is not happy. They're crying and won't sit still. It's understandable - after an hour…

Heavy Metal? Nope. Sugar Overload? Wrong Again. How to Stay Alert While Driving

October 26, 2018
Blasting the air-con, rolling down windows and cranking up favorite tunes are all tricks drivers try to stay alert on the road. But they don't work and can cause other problems instead. In one…
Driving Tips for Expectant Mothers

Driving Tips for Expectant Mothers: Staying Safe on the Road to Motherhood

October 12, 2018
Your journey to parenthood is an exciting time that requires much preparation, and also includes staying safe on the road. During pregnancy, mothers-to-be need to continuously make in-vehicle adjustments…

Ford Transit Ambulance - The First Choice for Emergency Medical Services

October 8, 2018
As an emergency medical service technician, you want an ambulance that is going to get you to the scene of an accident as fast as possible, and the Ford Transit can do this for you. The seconds wasted…
Positive Influence in the Passenger Seat

Be a Positive Influence in the Passenger Seat

June 15, 2018
Stuck in traffic, your spouse decides to take the quicker route home but makes a wrong turn instead. Now we will never get homeyou shout from the passenger seat. The children, safely buckled in…
Be a Better New Driver

A Wrinkled Shirt or a Shorter Life: Take Your Pick! 5 Practical Driving Tips to Help You Be a Better New Driver

June 13, 2018
You're behind the steering wheel, cruising into an exciting new world of driving. But in today's crowded cities, it can be a dangerous world, too. Traffic is hectic, distractions are all around and other…
Travelling with Kids in the Car

Travelling with Kids in the Car? Here's a Survival Guide

May 17, 2018
Every parent has been there: You're on a family road trip out of the city or even just getting across town to a restaurant, and your child is not happy. They're crying, and they don't sit still.…